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Fun with GIFs: UNC’s biggest plays against Duke

Check out all the major plays from Saturday on a continuous loop

NCAA Football: Duke at North Carolina Nell Redmond-USA TODAY Sports

Saturday’s game was a classic. A heart-attack inducing, infuriating, mesmerizing, excitement driven classic. So, take a break this afternoon while you’re at work and relive the best moments from UNC’s victory against Duke.

Below you’ll find plays from Dazz Newsome, Beau Corrales, Jason Strowbridge, Dom Ross, Javonte Williams, Noah Ruggles, and some former quarterback who has a brother that plays wide receiver for Wake Forest. Or something.


#1) Dazz Newsome

Ball hits Dazz in the hands on a crossing route? 50/50 at best. Ball is two yards behind Dazz with a defender in between? Better believe that ball is getting caught.

This is just silly.

#2) Beau Corrales touchdown

Beau doing what Beau does best — catch touchdowns:

#3) Jason Strowbridge sack

Now let’s admire some defense. First up, Jason Strowbridge with the ninja skills to get through the line for a sack.

#4) Dom Ross

And Dom Ross with another sack and forced fumble. Ross also had an interception, as he has turned into a Swiss army knife on defense by playing multiple positions.

#5) Dazz. Again.

Dazz returns with the long catch and then drags his man into the end zone.

#6) Javonte Williams

The running backs had room to run all day and night, but few runs may have been as big as this Javonte Williams gallop to mid-field. Come for the acceleration at the line of scrimmage. Stay for the stiff arm at the end.

#7) Ruggles’ Redemption

Why was that run so important? Because it led to the redemption of Noah Ruggles. After being benched due to poor performance, he was reinserted as the go-to kicker in the second half. He answered with a PAT and 2 field goals. Here’s his 40-yard game winner, midway through the fourth quarter.

#8) Chazz Surratt

And finally, Chazz Surratt’s game-sealing interception from three different angles. Let’s go on this journey. Here’s the original camera angle as it was seen on television. Most importantly, the ball was thrown about five yards short on a seven yard route.

Why was the pass so short? First, instead of the quarterback throwing it, Duke let their running back Deon Jackson give it the old college try. Please note D.J. Ford sprinting from the edge —untouched— and hitting Jackson in mid-air.

So Ford hits Jackson early. Awesome. Surratt holds his position and is ready to contest the pass. Cool. But, check out Myles Dorn (#1) sliding over to the intended receiver in the end zone. There was no way this play was ever going to work. Surratt’s athleticism just ensured that Duke wouldn’t get the ball back.

So there are eight key plays from the weekend. Did we miss some? Probably. Let us know which ones you would have chosen in the comments. If this is a feature you’d like to see more regularly (or you think this is a waste of time), let us know that as well.

Go to hell Duke.