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ACC Football Week 6: Staff Predictions

The Tar Heel Blog staff unanimously believes in Carolina this week!

NCAA Football: Clemson at North Carolina Nell Redmond-USA TODAY Sports

Following a week in which all the Tar Heel Blog writers picked against UNC, we all unanimously agreed that Carolina should beat Georgia Tech on Saturday. Pretty sure that’s the first time this has happened all season. How momentous.

It’s a limited slate for the ACC this week with just four games on the docket. Not a lot of room for any of our prognosticators to pull ahead, and there is a lot of agreement about the games that are set to be played.

Evan maintains a narrow lead on the field with 43 correct guesses so far. Chad is hot on his heels with 42 correct picks, and Matt isn’t far behind with 41 correct guesses of his own.

Aside from the Heels, the THB staff also strongly believes in Miami this week at home against Virginia Tech. Not difficult to see why after the egg the Hokies laid at home against Duke. There is slightly more disagreement found among the other two games on the schedule, but Boston College is a favorite among our pickers and Pitt narrowly edged out Duke for more votes of confidence in that game.

Agree with our picks? Think we’ve all made horrible mistakes? Feel free to leave your own picks in the comments below.