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Between the Banners Ep. 26: 2019-20 ACC Basketball Preview

The takes get bolder as this one develops.

NCAA Basketball Tournament - First Round - Dallas Photo by Andy Hancock/NCAA Photos via Getty Images

Part deux of the basketball preview podcasts is upon us, as host Chad Floyd (@Chad_Floyd) is joined by Jake Lawrence (@therealestrjl) to run through the ACC.

Shoutout to Joe Giglio of the News and Observer, as we used the linked rankings to frame our discussion.


  • The bottom five is really about who keeps their job, right? Brad Brownell at Clemson and Danny Manning at Wake are firmly on the chopping block.
  • Oh, Virginia Tech is bad again. Hate to see it.
  • Pitt: one of us thinks they’re going to surprise.
  • No offense Joe, but Jake called you his spirit animal in one sentence and retracted it when he heard where you had Georgia Tech ranked.
  • Chad and Jake talking themselves in circles about the top 5 in the ACC— Louisville returns the goods, but overachieved last year. Duke, UNC, and UVA? Well, two of the three have proven capable of winning the regular season title in the last decade.
  • N.C. State, Notre Dame, and Miami: sleepers?