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ACC Football: Week 10 Staff Predictions

How is everyone feeling about the Tar Heels’ chances this week?

NCAA Football: Duke at North Carolina Nell Redmond-USA TODAY Sports

Perfect weeks of predictions have been hard to come by this season, thanks in large part to the fact that the ACC has been a wild, unpredictable mess at times. Last week was no exception to that, leading to another week where none of our predictors correctly guessed all the games’ outcomes.

Evan is still holding a narrow lead over Akil in the standings with a 58-19 record. Chad is in a very close third place just two games behind our leader. Jake and I are still trying to remain in the running with 55 correct predictions each to this point

Here’s what the staff predicted for this week:

Clearly Joe and Matt are traitors.

There is a lot of agreement this week. Wake Fprest, Clemson, and Pitt are all unanimous selections. Al broke with the rest of the group to put his faith in Virginia Tech going on the road and beating Notre Dame. The Fighting Irish’s embarrassing display against Michigan has their season on life support and Al thinks the Hokies will finish them off.

Miami is getting some respect after knocking Pitt off last week, even if the majority still believes their in-state rivals will prevail this weekend. The staff doesn’t seem to know what to make of Boston College vs Syracuse, leaving it as another game with a lot of disagreement about the expected outcome.

Let us know what you think of our predictions and/or make your own predictions in the comments below!