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Don’t Punt to Gio Ep 30: Let’s Recklessly Talk Bowls

The Heels have to win out, but hey that’s possible!

University of Virginia v University of North Carolina Photo by Andy Mead/ISI Photos/Getty Images

Another week, another episode of Don’t Punt to Gio, your UNC football podcast on the Tar Heel Blog Podcast.

Host Chad Floyd is joined by Al Hood to discuss:

  • Whether or not the Tar Heels need to reach a bowl to consider year one under Mack Brown a success. There’s a lot to unpack there.
  • Vaguely previewing the State game in two weeks without actually previewing the State game in two weeks.
  • Charting Carolina’s path to 6-6.
  • Discussing the ACC’s fairly complicated bowl tie-ins. There are a few chokepoints that make this really interesting, and we explained them to the best of our collective abilities (actually, pretty well).
  • We played bowl committee! Taking turns, we slotted each ACC program in bowl games, based on speculation that they have results in the next two weeks that are almost certainly not going to happen as we imagined.

This was a good one. If you enjoyed it, go ahead and subscribe wherever you get your podcasts, and leave us a 5-star review on Apple Podcasts.