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UNC Football: Senior Day in Chapel Hill against Mercer

Closing out an interesting season in Kenan.

NCAA Football: Virginia at North Carolina Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

It has been quite the season for UNC Football at home. They’ve sold out every game and had a couple thrilling wins over Duke and Miami in front of the home crowd. They came within one point of knocking off Clemson.

Today probably won’t be one of those thrilling victories (sorry Mercer) and the weather forecast looks pretty abysmal if we’re being honest. Today, though, is about sending off the group of seniors who have given this program their time and abilities through some very dark times. While the last couple years have been undoubtedly disappointing for us, you know it must have been doubly so for the guys actually playing.

So thank you to the seniors who stuck with it. Hopefully the team can do what is necessary to get you to one final bowl game before you move on to other endeavors.

As always, we’ll be back after the game with a complete roundup of the happenings. Until then...

Go Heels!