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Between The Banners Ep. 28: Battle 4 Atlantis Preview

Let’s play some casino basketball!

NCAA Basketball Tournament - Second Round - Columbus Photo by Jamie Schwaberow/NCAA Photos via Getty Images

We put all of our takeaways from three games against fairly hapless Carolina basketball foes into one, and tried to project them upon three much tougher opponents.

This is episode 28 of the Between the Banners podcast, the UNC basketball show on the Tar Heel Blog Podcast. Host Chad Floyd (@Chad_Floyd) is joined by Jake Lawrence (@therealestRJL) to talk about the Alabama game, and what follows, including:

  • How is Brandon Robinson re-incorporated into the lineup?
  • Does his presence create a trickle-down effect, reducing the minutes of Armando Bacot, Christian Keeling, and Andrew Platek?
  • Can Keeling take the step up to P5/whatever we call it on this level competition?
  • The opponents we haven’t established yet: what can we learn against (potentially) Michigan, Oregon, Seton Hall, and Gonzaga?

Buckle up, friends. The odds that the Heels leave this week 7-0 are pretty low. What’s a reasonable expectation, what can we learn from three games in three days, and what would you like to see? Hit our comments and let us know— we’ll be back to address it after the clock hits zero on Friday.