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Watch all of UNC’s 35 unanswered points against NC State

All five Carolina touchdowns in .GIF form, for your continuous enjoyment.

NCAA Football: North Carolina at North Carolina State Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

It’s the Monday after a UNC football win, so we’ll keep the party going. As has become a semi-custom this season, we’ve gathered all of North Carolina’s touchdowns in .GIF form. If you happen to be surrounded by Wolfpack fans at work or with family during the upcoming holidays, make sure you keep this article bookmarked and send it their way when they become a little more obnoxious than normal.

Javonte Williams TD #1

Up to this point, Williams’ 26 yard dash up the middle was the longest UNC run of the day. The offensive line finally opened up a hole for the running game, Williams gave a little shimmy, and puncuated the play with a dive from just inside the five-yard line.

And one more angle, just for fun.

Javonte Williams TD #2

Finally! A red zone touchdown! And a pass to a running back! A fake handoff to Javonte drew the State defenders to the line, and Howell flipped it back to the running back along the sideline. Heels took a 20-10 lead.

This is a better angle to see State’s defense react. Beautiful.

Javonte Williams TD #3

Williams forces his way into the end zone for his third score of the day. That matched his total number of TDs in the previous 11 games. Enjoy him while you can folks. This guy is playing on Sundays.

Dyami Brown TD

The sophomore WR also got in on the action. This was Brown’s 11th touchdown reception on the season, as he easily burned past the State secondary. His 150 receiving yards led the team, and this play accounted for 52 of them. Next season has the potential to be SO much fun.

Yeh, State’s defense is pretty bad, but Brown has feasted with this move on the sideline all season long. It never gets old.

Dazz Newsome TD

Dazz got in on the action with this acrobatic stretch and catch. Howell threw an absolute dime where only Newsome could catch. This play only feeds the theory that the UNC wide receivers will catch anything that probably shouldn’t be caught, and drop everything that should.

This angle shows the effectiveness of the pump fake to Javonte Williams in the flat. Four defenders freeze, understandably expecting another swing pass to the sophomore. Alas, it was just an excellent play call that allowed enough room for Dazz to slip behind the secondary.

After the final score, Sam Howell had a very quiet message for the crowd in his own reserved manner.

That’s it folks. Five touchdowns. 35 unanswered points. A 41-10 victory. The largest margin of victory for UNC over NC State since 1996. Six wins and a bowl.

The only way it could have been more perfect is if a back-up offensive lineman repeatedly punished former UNC commit and current NC State starting linebacker Payton Wilson.

Oh. Wait. That happened! Check out freshman Ty Murray rubbing some salt into the Wolfpack’s wounds. Enjoy!