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THB Staff ACC Predictions: ACC-B1G Challenge Edition

Tonight and tomorrow night feature some juicy matchups

NCAA Basketball: Battle 4 Atlantis-Oregon vs North Carolina Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

And with that beautiful beatdown of State, the college football regular season is over, and with it our staff predictions of the season’s ACC games. If you saw our last update, the final standings are no surprise: It was a tight race, but Evan eked out a victory over Chad with a 76-28 record, with Chad one game behind and myself another. We actually had another contender for first if you include people who didn’t fill out every prediction (and how could we): Al finished with a record of 73-27, which figures out to a win percentage better than mine or Chad’s, but just behind Evan’s. So hurrah, hurrah, congratulations, Evan. Treat yourself to a cookie today.

Now we move to a basketball-only predictions slate, and we’re starting out with a doozy: a particularly exciting ACC-Big Ten Challenge. We’ve got a #1 vs #4, a #6 vs #7, a #10 vs #11, and Kenpom’s #3 vs his #13 (it’s a crime that Purdue isn’t ranked, honestly), and the less-marquee matchups are exciting, too: whoever is in charge of scheduling this event did an outstanding job this year.

Before we get to our predictions, a quick standings update, thanks to a little bit of movement after last time: Jacob and Al are now tied for the lead with 29 wins apiece, while Tanya, Christian, and I are all one behind them. Things are still tight because we’ve been seeing a lot of planned nonconference games that ACC teams have paid to win (except when they don’t, thanks to Stephen F. Austin), and nonconference tournaments haven’t affected too much. This week should make things interesting...

Just two unanimous selections, you genuinely love to see it. Although Chad scabbing on the Heels is a little bit less pleasant to see... ah well, we needed somebody for the reverse jinx I guess. A lot of these are going to be fun, either way, and the standings are going to get messy...

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