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PODCAST: Introducing ‘Don’t Punt to Gio’ on the NEW Tar Heel Blog Podcast!

We’ve re-worked some things, and that’s good news if you like listening to us talk!

You may notice that the folks at Tar Heel Blog haven’t podcasted in a while...well, that’s because we’ve been working on some things behind the scenes.

Here’s what you’ll notice:

  • MUCH better audio quality.
  • Ads! Which means we will be bringing you consistent content, because we have to keep those people happy.
  • Sport-specific shows: this is Episode One of Don’t Punt to Gio, Between the Banners (our basketball show) will debut shortly. We had an episode, but some user error on my part prevented it from publishing.

In the meantime, enjoy the first episode of Don’t Punt to Gio, where I’m joined by THB’s very own Jake Lawrence. We discuss:

  • Ray Grier’s commitment to UNC: Carolina now has the 13th-ranked 2020 recruiting class per 247.
  • Who’s next on the list, and what is Mack Brown doing to bring such a quick turnaround to in-state and in-footprint recruiting?
  • Eugene Asante and Wisdom Asaboro committing on and around Signing Day, and what they can bring to the Tar Heels’ defense.
  • 2019 class superlatives: who’s the best player? Sleeper? Immediate impact?

We’re still working on building behind the scenes, so you won’t find us on your app of choice yet— but give it a listen, and we’ll be coming back soon!