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Get your Roy Williams “3 Ringz” shirt

Roy Williams is the best.

Roy Williams is the king of anecdotes. While it’s usually finding a way to make a connection to his golf game, sometimes he comes through with an absolute gem that makes him hilarious and perfect.

In his media availability before the Duke game, Williams came through with another quote that showed that he is the best:

This is why we all love Roy.

Our friends at Breaking T took the opportunity to turn the quote into a shirt because you can truly never have too many ways to commemorate that Roy Williams is excellent.

If you’ve never had the pleasure of coming in contact with a Breaking T shirt before, they are the softest of soft and always printed in the USA. You can purchase the shirt for $28.00 by clicking here.

Hopefully this shirt is out-dated by the time mid-April rolls around, but in that case we’ll just need to make another one.