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Between The Banners 3: Carolina 88, Duke 72

WIN. Win, win win, win. _____ everything else, win win win win.

NCAA Basketball: North Carolina at Duke Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

Podcasting after dark!

Brandon Anderson (@THBBrandon), Joe Carpenter (@joecarpenteriv) and Akil Guruparan (@akillesheel17) podcast a good bit after midnight— hilarity ensues.

Okay, so its not that funny, but Joe goes to a Christian Bale Batman voice for three words, the host (@Chad_Floyd) says “a whole nother can of turkeys” in context, and Akil and Brandon provide good analysis of Carolina’s 88-72 win over the former top team in the nation.

Carolina dominated Duke. Listen to our podcast. It should be on Apple Podcasts and your other favorite apps by the end of the week.


Win win win win.

Curve everything else.

Win win win win.