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UNC moves up again in the Week 14 AP Poll

Revenge on the road helped Carolina move up yet again this week.

NCAA Basketball: North Carolina at Louisville Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

Last week was a good week for Carolina basketball. They didn’t look past a feisty Georgia Tech squad and then they were able to get revenge on the road against Louisville. The Yellow Jackets may finish near the bottom of the league, but the Cardinals are a surprise bunch still fighting at the top of the conference. A top 25 win on the road will usually get rewarded, especially when you look a lot better than the first matchup.

The week 14 AP rankings look like this:

AP Top 25

1) Tennessee (48)

2) Duke (12)

3) Virginia (4)

4) Gonzaga

5) Kentucky

6) Nevada

7) Michigan

8) North Carolina

9) Michigan State

10) Marquette

11) Virginia Tech

12) Houston

13) Kansas

14) Vilanova

15) Purdue

16) Louisville

17) Iowa State

18) Texas Tech

19) Wisconsin

20) Iowa

21) LSU

22) Florida State

23) Buffalo

24) Maryland

25) Cincinatti

Where is UNC?

After Michigan State’s loss to Indiana on Saturday night and the Tar Heels’ 2-0 week, Carolina was able to move up one more spot to Number 8. The Spartans were the only team ahead of Carolina to lose last week, so there wasn’t much room for the Tar Heels to jump.

Biggest Winners

The Big 10 is starting to get some representation in the poll as both Wisconsin and Iowa skyrocketed up the rankings. Wisconsin moved from 24 to 19, and Iowa moved from out of the top 25 to 20. It brings the conference the same number of ranked teams as the ACC with six.

Biggest Losers

Carolina’s opponent tonight finds themselves back out of the top 25 after a couple of losses last week, one that you may have heard about. They didn’t even receive any top 25 votes with this poll. Voters hit Michigan State hard for losing to IU at home, dropping them three spots. Buffalo took the biggest fall, dropping five spots after their loss to Bowling Green.

On the Outside Looking In

Washington, Mississippi State, Auburn, and Kansas State are the next four that are within 30 points of getting into the rankings. A few other teams got some cursory votes, but those four the next four likely to sneak in should anyone ranked 20 and below stumble this week.

Conference Breakdown

  • ACC: 6
  • Big 10: 6
  • SEC: 3
  • Big 12: 3
  • Big East: 2
  • American: 2
  • MAC: 1
  • Mountain West: 1
  • West Coast: 1

Top 25 Games this week:

Light slate this week as most teams face unranked competition. We have to go to Saturday to find some 25 on 25 matchups

  • #19 Wisconsin @ #7 Michigan 2/9 @ Noon
  • #14 Vilanova @ #10 Marquette 2/9 @ 2:30 PM
  • #16 Louisville @ #22 FSU 2/9 @ 4 PM
  • #2 Duke @ #4 Virginia 2/9 @ 6 PM
  • #25 Cincinatti @ #12 Houston 2/10 @ 4 PM
  • #3 Virginia @ #8 UNC 2/11 @ 7 PM