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UNC is a #2 seed in the first NCAA Top 16 Reveal

The NCAA gives everyone a heads up on where they stand with about a month until March Madness

NCAA Basketball: North Carolina at Georgia Tech Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

It what is becoming tradition, the NCAA released their “If the tournament were selected today” standings. It’s become a way to celebrate the end of football season and to televise the start of the last month of the college basketball regular season, when it becomes a sprint to the finish.

Thanks to their hot start in the ACC, UNC showed up pretty high on the list, coming in as a #2 seed and #7 overall. If the tournament was selected today, Carolina would be in the South region. Tennessee would be the one seed, Purdue the three, and Nevada would be the four to round out the region as the NCAA revealed it today.

The committee made it clear today that Carolina is going to have to finish ahead of at least one of Duke and UVA if they want to move a little closer to home. Both of UNC’s fellow ACC contenders start out as one seeds, Duke in the East region and UVA in the Midwest region. With one game against the Wahoos and two against the Blue Devils, Carolina will have their chance to make their case for a better position in the coming month.

We’ll go more in depth as to what this means for UNC later in the week, both in terms of their ACC standing and their eventual NCAA seed and placement, but for now, it’s good to have a starting point with one month to go.