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Between the Banners 12: More NCAA Tournament Breakdown

Its time to break down every damn matchup of this tournament.

NCAA Basketball Tournament - First Round - Charlotte Photo by Jared C. Tilton/Getty Images

Between the Banners is back for another look at the NCAA Tournament bracket!

Host Chad Floyd (@Chad_Floyd) is joined by Jake Lawrence (@therealestRJL), Al Hood (@albhood) and Joe Carpenter (@joecarpiv) to break down, well? EVERY. DAMN. MATCHUP. in the NCAA Tournament.

Discussed are the following:

- What ACC Network documentary do YOU want to see?

- Does Virginia Tech have a legit shot to take down Duke in the Sweet 16? Michigan State in the Regional Final? Someone else?

- The West bracket is wide open-- why do our folks think Texas Tech is the best bet?

- The South bracket has the chance to be the most boring bracket in the history of the NCAA Tournament.

- Carolina’s Midwest bracket is tricky...but their potential opponents all have fatal flaws.

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Go Heels.