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Don’t Punt to Gio, Episode 2: The First 100 Days of Mack Brown Volume II

Mack Brown gets rave reviews from his first 100 days back at UNC. Let’s talk about it. 

Miami v North Carolina Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images

Carolina football is 100 days into a new (old) regime change under Head Coach Mack Brown. Spring practice has started. Give us your ears for 45 minutes and let’s talk about it.


Host Chad Floyd (@Chad_Floyd) is joined by colleague Jake Lawrence (@therealestRJL) to talk about what Brown has been able to accomplish back in Chapel Hill.

  • The grassroots movement to rally the campus, community, and fanbase.
  • A fresh, new recruiting philosophy that seems almost too obvious, but appears to be working.
  • What he needed to do to succeed, and his success in those areas thus far.
  • His philosophy as it has evolved in a few years in the announcers’ booth, instead of the sidelines.
  • A 5-star review!

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