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UNC Basketball: Final ACC Tournament Seeding Scenarios

The regular season wraps this weekend-what does Carolina need to be the 1 seed next week?

NCAA Basketball: North Carolina at Boston College Brian Fluharty-USA TODAY Sports

An undefeated ACC road record. Fifteen total ACC wins. A number three ranking in the polls. Yet, with all of this, the UNC Basketball team is facing the very real possibility they won’t even be the one seed in the ACC Tournament next week.

On Sunday, I laid out all the possible scenarios for Carolina’s ACC Tournament seed based on what happened with Virginia, Duke, and the Tar Heels. Now that all three have played their penultimate game of the ACC regular season, those twenty scenarios have been narrowed down to four. So, here’s what you need to know going into going into Senior Night against Duke on Saturday:

If Carolina beats Duke AND...

  • Virginia loses to Louisville, UNC is the 1 seed and outright regular season ACC Champions
  • Virginia beats Louisville, UNC is the 2 seed and shares the regular season crown with UVA thanks to the UVA win over the Heels

If Carolina loses to Duke AND...

  • Virginia loses to Louisville, UNC is the 3 seed and shares the regular season crown with Duke and UVA. Duke would be the 1 seed due to their 2-1 record in the mini conference, and UVA would be the 2 seed because of their win over the Heels
  • Virginia beats Louisville, UNC is the 3 seed. UVA would be the 1 seed. Duke would be the 2 seed due to their 2-0 record against UVA versus UNC’s 0-1 record

Coincidentally, we know the teams that will be playing on each day of the ACC Tournament, just not necessarily the seeding. That will all be worked out formally once the games are done on Saturday.

Tuesday in Charlotte: Pittsburgh, Wake Forest, Georgia Tech, Notre Dame, Miami, Boston College

Wednesday in Charlotte: Clemson, NC State, Syracuse, Louisville, Virginia Tech

Thursday in Charlotte: UNC, Virginia, Duke, Florida State.

On Sunday, we’ll break down the actual bracket and take a look at Carolina’s potential matchups. Until then, here’s hoping the one seed is in play by the time the Duke game tips off.