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Mock Draft Roundup: Tar Heels Edition

Here’s where we’re seeing UNC’s NFL prospects mocked the day before the draft

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NCAA Football: Georgia Tech at North Carolina Nell Redmond-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL Draft is upon us! Later today, we’ll see the first round of the NFL’s biggest offseason event as 32 of the best young football players in the country have their childhood dreams come (at least partially) true. This year, that’s not likely to happen for any Tar Heels on Thursday. As we’ve profiled over the course of this month, the three former UNC players most likely to be drafted are all probably Day 3 prospects: Malik Carney, Anthony Ratliff-Williams, and William Sweet. Still, every NFL draftee gets a contract and a chance to prove themselves to a professional squad, and while that’s the case for workout players and undrafted free agents as well, having a draft pick attached to you puts you a bit ahead. So, let’s take a look at how the mock drafts are predicting former Tar Heels to do in this year’s event.

I’m using 7-round mock drafts from sports reporting websites, and only mocks published in April. With that said, let’s begin:

We wish all of the Tar Heel draft hopefuls the best of luck this weekend and in their professional careers!