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Puck Don’t Lie! Rasheed Wallace to Sound Hurricanes’ Warning Siren

.The NHL team finally taps a UNC alum for the siren.

NBA: Golden State Warriors at Detroit Pistons Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

Whether you just jumped on the bandwagon this season or (like me) have followed the team since their two years in Greensboro, the talk of North Carolina right now is the run the Carolina Hurricanes are going on in the Stanley Cup Playoffs. The talk of their opponents, the Boston Bruins, is about how uneducated and lowly the fans of Hurricanes are, but that’s for another article.

As the team comes out on the ice before each period, they have a local celebrity crank the warning siren to get the crowd going before “Rock You Like a Hurricane” blares. As they have gotten deeper in the playoffs, the level of celebrity has grown. Notably, the coach of the Carolina Panthers Ron Rivera cranked it the last home game, where the Canes swept the Islanders to advance to this point.

Since the Canes share their arena with NC State, the list of folks from Raleigh’s campus that have wound that siren is deep. Dave Doreen, Kevin Keats, and so forth. But as a uniting force, what had been missing was someone who wore the lighter shade of blue down the road.

Now, down 0-2 and needing some extra punch, the Canes are bringing in their first Tar Heel, and it’s a perfect choice.

Now, the biggest question is going to be whether the new coach at Jordan High School will actually crank the siren, or if he’ll just stare at it and it’ll crank on its own.

Based on the tweet, it appears that Wallace will be cranking the siren before the second period. Hopefully before he does it, he’ll yell out PUCK DON’T LIE!