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NBA Draft 2019: How to watch, time, channel, and draft order

Three Tar Heels will have new homes before the end of the night.

2019 NBA Draft - Media Availability Photo by Mike Lawrie/Getty Images

Tonight is the night that Coby White, Nassir Little, Cameron Johnson, and many other standout college players have been waiting for. The 2019 NBA Draft is tonight, and all eyes are on New York to see how everything will shake out.

There is no drama about the number 1 pick in the draft. That’s going to be Zion Williamson going to the Pelicans first overall. After that, there is a bit of uncertainty, particularly because the 4th overall pick could (and likely will) be traded from New Orleans to a team trying to move up into the top 5.

White is expected to go somewhere between pick 5 and pick 7, Little should easily end up in the top 15, and Johnson will likely be selected close to the end of the first round, if all the mock drafts are to be believed.

Here’s how you can watch what will be a pretty big night for three former Tar Heels:

Time: 7:30 pm ET on June 20th

Where: Barclays Center - Brooklyn, New York

Channel: ESPN

Draft order (for now):

  1. New Orleans Pelicans
  2. Memphis Grizzlies
  3. New York Knicks
  4. Los Angeles Lakers (pick currently for New Orleans)
  5. Cleveland Cavaliers
  6. Phoenix Suns
  7. Chicago Bulls
  8. Atlanta Hawks
  9. Washington Wizards
  10. Atlanta Hawks
  11. Minnesota Timberwolves
  12. Charlotte Hornets
  13. Miami Heat
  14. Boston Celtics
  15. Detroit Pistons
  16. Orlando Magic
  17. Brooklyn Nets (pick currently for Atlanta)
  18. Indiana Pacers
  19. San Antonio Spurs
  20. Boston Celtics
  21. Oklahoma City Thunder
  22. Boston Celtics
  23. Utah Jazz
  24. Philadelphia 76ers
  25. Portland Trailblazers
  26. Cleveland Cavaliers
  27. Brooklyn Nets
  28. Golden State Warriors
  29. San Antonio Spurs
  30. Milwaukee Bucks

Where do you think Coby, Nas, and Cam will end up?