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UNC Basketball: Social media reactions to the three Tar Heel draft picks

Social media had some thoughts on last night’s draft. We compiled a few.

NBA: NBA Draft Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

In case you haven’t noticed, the NBA Draft took place last night. Coby White, Cameron Johnson, and Nassir Little all heard their name called in the first round. That’s always fun.

Know what else is fun? Watching reactions on social media. Here are some of our favorites.

Coby White

Commissioner Adam Silver announcing the pick.

Bulls fans seems pretty stoked for Coby.

He will definitely need a different hat.

ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski with this little tidbit.

Carolina Basketball dropping some stats.

Garrison “Mr. Pickle” Brooks with some love.

Jimmy’s Seafood spitting facts.

Cameron Johnson

First, more Coby.

The moment Cam got the news.

Suns fans weren't as excited. It’s ok. They’ll come around.

Former WRAL reporter Marilyn Payne, giving us the important facts.

There are no lies.

Tate Frazier, co-host for college basketball podcast One Shining Moment was pretty thrilled.

Wait. Does Roy develop players or hold them back?

But few expected him to rise to #11.

OAD’s are old news. Time to ride the grad transfer wave.

“Experts”, right?

Nassir Little

Pretty much what every Tar Heel fan is thinking.

I rest my case.

See. It was already known. Nas playing 4D Chess.

Short. Sweet. Simple. True.

Tar Heel Illustrated reminding us that Roy doesn’t hate freshmen.

I honestly look forward to nature correcting itself in the near future.


And just to finish this off on the right note, here is Nassir making sure a reporter got a chance to ask her question.