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Carolina Football: Coastal Day at the ACC Kickoff

No news is good news, I guess.

University of North Carolina football stadium... Photo by John Greim/LightRocket via Getty Images

All things considered, today was a pretty quiet day for the North Carolina Tar Heels during their turn at the podium and media scrum in Charlotte.

If you’ll recall, this is what I wrote as a recap exactly one year ago today:

Given that his comments on the CTE issue can in no way be taken out of context, one would be led to the conclusion (in the words of the coach, “you can’t prove it!”) that this fundamentally and mind-numbingly stupid take is the beginning of the end of the Larry Fedora era.

Nailed it.

There was no such controversy this year, as Mack Brown spoke candidly, but never out of turn and always measured. These were the interesting takeaways I got from his (along with player representatives Charlie Heck and Myles Dorn) audio:

  • Dorn (paraphrasing): “(Brown) is a man of his word. He came in and asked the team what needed changing, and in the first month, changes were being made.”
  • Brown: “Charlotte is a very important recruiting ground. We have lost some kids from here recently.” I wasn’t there, so I can’t confirm whether or not he was talking specifically to Trenton Simpson and Drake Maye.
  • Brown: “Right now we’re struggling. We need to get more people in the seats, we need to fix the game day atmosphere.” (Spoiler: stay tuned to the podcast next week)

Also of note, the biggest question to be answered in fall camp is who the starting quarterback will be. Well, yeah. Brown mentioned (now I’m paraphrasing tweets from the breakout session) that the sophomore and junior classes appeared lean, and that depth was a concern. Again, nothing earth-shattering, but hard to hear when it comes from the head coach.

Myles Dorn stole the show not with his words, but with his outfit. And T.J. Yates brought it in the replies:

Leave it to me to find something to complain about, but “stylin’ and profilin’” should have been retired when Ric Flair stopped wrestling, which he did before Twitter existed.

And finally (as we hit 4pm and I have to get this thing posted), Charlie Heck on Mack Brown: