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UNC Baseball: Summer League Update

As the page turns to July, Tar Heels in two summer leagues work to improve and impress

Tomorrow, people will celebrate the Fourth of July across this great land of ours. One of the ways people celebrate? Baseball. Multiple teams across the country have games scheduled to either take advantage of fireworks viewings or to put some of their own on.

A great tradition on the southeast coast of Massachusetts is for small towns to host games in the Cape Cod League, and then observe the fireworks display up and down the Cape. The games are free to attend except for a suggested donation, and it becomes a great way for families to go out and celebrate Independence Day to watch stuff blow up for free.

Further south, families looking for things to do in smaller towns will find summer baseball in the Coastal Plains League. At least one team, the Lexington Blowfish, plans to celebrate with fireworks of their own-including cheap drinks on a Thirsty Thursday. All in all, the Tar Heels that are playing summer ball should have some good crowds to play in front of.

Let’s check in and see how the Tar Heels are doing:

Cape Cod League Tar Heels:

Caden O’Brien, Harwich Mariners, not yet pitched

Austin Love, Orleans Firebirds

2 App, 2.2 IP, 1-0, 0.00 ERA, 3 K, 0 BB

Danny Serretti, Orleans Firebirds

6 GP, 14 AB, .214 Avg, 0 HR, 1 RBI, 1 R

Coastal Plain League Tar Heels:

Clemente Incan, Wilmington Sharks:

12 GP, 40 AB, .275 Avg, 0 HR, 6 RBI, 4R, 1 SB

Angel Zarate, High Point/Thomasville HiToms

12 GP, 56 AB, .429 Avg, 3 HR, 12 RBI, 13R, 2 SB

Nik Pry, Holy Springs Salamanders

7 App, 12.1 IP, 1-2, 3.65 ERA, 18k

Chris Joyner, Holy Springs Salamanders

4 GS, 18 IP, 2-1, 6.50 ERA, 15 K

Austin Elliot, Martinsville Mustangs

5 GS, 21 IP, 0-2, 5.14 ERA, 28 K

Davis Palermo, Martinsville Mustangs

5 App, 4 GS, 22.1 IP, 2-2, 2.82 ERA, 26K

Will Schroeder, Martinsville Mustangs

9 GP, 25 AB, .040 Avg, 0 HR, 2 RBI, 4 R, 1 SB

Josh Dotson, Forest City Owls

3 GS, 14.1 IP, 2-0, 9.42 ERA, 11 K

Connor Ollio, Forest City Owls

3 App, 2 GS, 14 IP, 3-0, 5.14 ERA, 17 K

Bennett Nance, Lexington County Blowfish

7 App, 4 GS, 17.1 IP, 2-0, 4.67 ERA, 18K

However you choose to celebrate July 4th, here’s hoping it’s a safe and happy one for you! See you next week as we continue to track the Diamond Heels in the summer baseball leagues.