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UNC Football: Alcohol sales at UNC games, Carolina’s schedule outlook, & NCAA’s Rich Paul Rule

Our newest podcast show covers impending alcohol sales at UNC games, the best and worst of Carolina’s football schedule, and the NCAA taking another L.

NCAA Football: Virginia at North Carolina Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

We’re debuting a new podcast show here at Tar Heel Blog today in preparation for the season ahead! It’s called “What in Tar Nation” where Brandon Anderson and I (and likely some other friends from time to time) will be bringing you takes on the latest happenings from in and around the UNC sports universe.

In our first episode, we are discussing the best case and worst case scenarios for UNC football with the schedule they’ve been handed, the timeline for alcohol sales at UNC games and its impact on the atmosphere, and the NCAA taking another big L in their attempt to once again do too much.

Please subscribe to our podcast via Apple Podcasts or the podcast application of your choosing if you haven’t already so you can stay up to date with all three of our shows. We’ll be supplementing our football show, Don’t Punt to Gio, and our basketball show, Between the Banners, with our new show, so you won’t want to miss an episode.

If you have suggestions you’d like to hear covered in future episodes, feel free to drop them in the comments below.

Go Heels!