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Don’t Punt to Gio Ep. 11: It Just Means More (SEC Preview)

Its SEC preview time!

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: APR 20 Georgia Spring Game Photo by John Adams/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Host Chad Floyd (@Chad_Floyd) is back with Jacob Cowden (@jacobcowden28) to preview the 2019 SEC football season!

A little housekeeping: we are still working to retrieve the audio file for last week’s (obviously unpublished) Big Ten preview, so, for our Tar Heel Blog-reading Rutgers fans: we’re working on it.

Discussed in this one:

  • Georgia occupies the same tier, talent-wise, as Alabama and Clemson. Can they take the next step?
  • Does Florida pose a legitimate threat to Georgia’s SEC East crown?
  • Can South Carolina be a top-20 team while losing 8 games?
  • The SEC West: basically, it would be really fun if Alabama didn’t exist.
  • Why? Because LSU, Texas A&M, and Auburn could all be legitimately awesome.
  • Also, the other seven teams I didn’t mention in this synopsis!

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As always, thanks for listening, and Go Heels!