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Don’t Punt to Gio Ep. 19: UNC 28, Miami 25, and Week 2 highlights

Also, Chad forgets what a Smash concept is.

Miami v North Carolina Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images

Host Chad Floyd (@Chad_Floyd) is joined by his weekly breakdown partner Jacob Cowden (@jacobcowden28) to talk about the Heels’ thrilling victory over Miami on Saturday night, and the rest of the college football landscape.

We also had three five-star reviews this week, so you folks must really like a winning football program. I read them on the air, and you should join the party here.

Discussed in this here episode:

  • Carolina— did they get lucky, or are they this good? A debate.
  • Sam Howell/Phil Longo appreciation hour!
  • The defense took a step back, but Miami was a step up in competition.
  • A good 5 minutes on the weirdness at Florida State.
  • Clemson is very good, Syracuse is now back to confusing.
  • #JoeBurrowForHeisman
  • Noted BYU alumnus dunks on Tennessee.
  • Pac-12 madness, and we didn’t even have time to talk about how Hawai’i is 2-0 in the conference.

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! Thanks for listening and go Heels.