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UNC vs Wake Forest: Carolina’s first true road game of the season

The Tar Heels take Winston-Salem to try and make it 3-0.

Miami v North Carolina Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images

Just two games into the 2019 season and it has already felt a little like a fairy tale in Chapel Hill. The schedule and all of the turnover in personnel seemed stacked against them, but the Tar Heels come into tonight’s game at Wake Forest 2-0 on the year.

That still hasn’t really sank in.

I’m still on the relatively younger side of fandom, but I can’t remember another Carolina football team that has made me live and die with them the way this one has after just two games. My blood pressure has undoubtedly been elevated after close wins over South Carolina and Miami, and I’m sure my neighbors have a bone to pick with some untimely yelling that has occurred.

This is fun. It seems like forever since we had fun.

Tonight will be a big test for the Heels, heading into true enemy territory for the first time. Thankfully, Winston-Salem is just a short drive down I-40, so there should be plenty of light blue in attendance. Unfortunately, the 6 pm kickoff on a Friday isn’t going to do anyone any favors.

Can Sam Howell continue to be unbelievable? Will the defense pull more than their weight again? Will someone be able to step up big in the absence of senior cornerback Patrice Rene? We’ll find out soon.

As always, we’ll be back after the game with a complete roundup of the happenings. Until then...

Go Heels!