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UNC vs. Clemson - Player of the Game: Chazz Surratt

Surratt played the game of his life against the defending national champions.

NCAA Football: Clemson at North Carolina Nell Redmond-USA TODAY Sports

Whatever you think of the decision to go for two, everyone can agree, it took a hell of an effort from UNC to get within a couple yards of a win against Clemson.

It took 290 total yards of offense against a team that had only allowed that much twice in its last seven games. It took Michael Carter’s best game of the season. It took another fourth quarter comeback on a another gutsy late drive led by Sam Howell.

On the defensive side of things, it took UNC allowing just 21 points and 331 yards to a team that can put that up in a half against a lot of teams. It also took an incredible game from a guy who was a quarterback at this time last year.

Chazz Surratt gets out player of the game for his effort against the defending national champions. He led the Tar Heels with seven tackles, three of which were solo efforts. Two of those tackles were for loss, including one sack, which came on a third down and forced Clemson into a punt. There were also two other quarterback hurries and two pass breakups on his stat line.

Beyond Surratt, other nominees include Carter and Howell as previously mentioned. Howell didn’t put up gaudy numbers, going 15-27 for 144 yards, but for one, it was against Clemson. Two, he played a much smarter game than he had the previously two weeks. He did a decent job on the whole of getting the ball out quickly. On the final drive that got UNC with a point, he also completed four passes for 32 yards while running for eight yards, including a couple on a big fourth down pick up. Dynami Brown also had a good game, finishing with three catches for 63 yards and a touchdown.

UNC may have come up agonizingly short against Clemson on Saturday. However, Surratt’s play was a major factor in the Heels keeping it that close against a team that good. You won’t find many better stories in all of college football than a former quarterback becoming an important linebacker.