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Don’t Punt to Gio Ep 17: South Carolina postmortem and Week 1 review

Time to break down the Heels’ impressive Week 1 performance

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: AUG 31 Belk College Kickoff - South Carolina v North Carolina Photo by Dannie Walls/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Don’t Punt to Gio is back, for the first time as a podcast about a 1-0 football team. Jacob Cowden (@jacobcowden28) joins host Chad Floyd (@Chad_Floyd) to talk about the Tar Heels’ 24-20 win for about 20 minutes, and the guys go around the globe and talk about what else they saw in college football after the break.

First Half:

  • Was Carolina’s defense a Jay Bateman success, a Jake Bentley problem, or both?
  • The Heels dialed everything up in the second half, almost as if a smart coaching staff was letting them get settled in and coaching intelligently?
  • Chazz Surratt appreciation, and plenty of room for growth.
  • The running backs and the offensive line made both podcasters really happy.
  • Sam Howell’s first time out: things to clean up, but rave reviews.
  • Special teams (insert gritting teeth emoji)
  • The Heels won a Power 5 opener for the first time since almost any current college football player was born, let’s celebrate damnit!

Second Half:

  • Jacob was on the scene for Utah/BYU.
  • Oregon/Auburn: Bo Nix? Auburn luck? Or Oregon wearing down in the trenches?
  • Duke/Alabama: it happened!
  • A quick run through the ACC games, most of which Chad missed.
  • Week 1 superlatives!

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Go Heels!