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ACC Staff Predictions: Week 2

Only one clean slate after the first week, let’s see how our THB staff feel about this week

Georgia Tech v Clemson Photo by Mike Comer/Getty Images

The good news for our staff of “expert” pickers is that no one has a losing record after the first weekend of picking games. It helped that there really weren’t a lot of head-scratchers out there and the slate left itself for some chalk picks.

Still, there were few games that were toss ups and created a nice spread in the records. Evan is the only one who went undefeated, although you’ll have to take our word for it since the grid we posted last week didn’t include him. Several staffers are nipping at his heels, though, as six of us are at 8-1 to go into the next week, and two of us, including yours truly, are 7-2. Bringing up the rear? Jacob stuck his neck out on a few picks and it cost him to the point where he’s 5-4 after the start. Christian joins the fray this week and hopes to duplicate Evan’s success.

So what did we think about this week?

In other words a lot of favorites. Miami at Carolina is the only conference game on the slate this week, everyone else is knocking out a non-conference game. Some are...more challenging than others. Clemson against Texas A&M is the marquee game for the conference, but there are zero people here who are giving the Aggies a chance. In fact, the only games where there is wild disagreement is our game, with four of us not believing in the Mack Magic and picking the Canes. The rest of us...we believe.

Half of the games are unanimous, and three of the games have only one outlier, so there really shouldn’t be much more separation between the staffers We’ll see if Evan can keep his clean slate for another week.

What do you think? Let us know in the comments.