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ACC Football Week 6: Staff Predictions

The reverse jinx worked so well, one writer tries it again

NCAA Football: Miami at Clemson Ken Ruinard-USA TODAY Sports

This continues to be a confounding year across the conference, and you’ll see it in the records for the THB staff this past week. Going into 2020, besides the obvious COVID storyline, one of the things that was expected was for Louisville to build on their strong 2019 and compete for the top of the ACC. Georgia Tech had shown some fight last year, but they were still deep in a rebuild. Yet, once the two met on Friday Georgia Tech not only won, but trounced the Cardinals.

Folks expected Syracuse to struggle but they got off to a strong enough start to where people felt Duke might be in for a winless season. Nope. NC State hadn’t given anyone a reason to be optimistic for the season, while Virginia was coming off an ACC Championship Game appearance.

The only thing that has been certain is that Pitt has fallen flat after a strong start. BC doing as well as they have is a surprise, but Carolina fans who saw their QB in action last week weren’t that shocked to see that result. At least there are a few things you can count on. Let’s see where things stand

No one escaped last week with less than two wrong guesses, and most everybody had at least three. So, a hat tip to Akil, Douglas, and Matt who managed to go 5-2. The crew is still jumbled up, although that good week by Akil vaulted him into a tie for first with Evan. No one, even Jake, is more than six games behind, so there’s plenty of time for things to continue to be jumbled. Also, shout out to Chad who claims he took one for the team last week by picking the Hokies and posting the only losing week of the group. He totally was going for the reverse jinkx and, apparently, is totally doing it again:

He’s a man of his word, so while you continue to Boo This Man, let’s see how everyone else predicted this weekend would go:

As you can see, Chad is set to pick against Carolina for the rest of the season as long as it works, and that’s just fine by us. Max is going to go ahead and take a loss on the Duke/NC State game because he just doesn’t want to predict...any...winner, and Jake thinks that if Syracuse can lose to Duke they can get beat by Superspreader U. Akil has a message many people will agree with in regards to the opponent for the Orange, one that Carolina fans will have to reckon with soon enough as they are on the future schedule for the Tar Heels.

Is BC for real or will Virginia Tech recover? Is the Wolfpack for real, or did the Blue Devils find their stride? Are the Cavs suddenly in a full rebuild? We’ll find out this week as we await the primetime matchup in Tallahassee.