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Carolina Fan Caves: Hot Tub Time Machine

This Tar Heel’s Fan Cave comes with a bar, pool table, and hot tub. WHAT?!!

In July, Trevion Stevenson’s commitment video to UNC featured a remarkable Carolina fan cave, which I wrote about in great detail. I was enamored with his collection of Tar Heel paraphernalia and doubted very seriously that it could be topped.

I’m here to tell you that I was wrong. I was scrolling through my Twitter feed when suddenly, I smashed my thumb to bring my scroll to a dead stop. Some man turned his garage into a fan cave, but added a hot tub! The walls are covered in framed pictures that read like a museum. It’s literally a journey back in time through Carolina’s glorious athletic history. I had to contact this man to get the inside scoop.

Duwayne Goulet (Twitter: @dtgoulet) from Goldsboro, NC is a die-hard Tar Heel fan by way of Montana and Oregon. He is an Air Force veteran who settled down in Goldsboro, home of current Chicago Bull, Coby White. Here’s the story on his ultimate Fan Cave.

Tar Heel Blog: When did you first become a Carolina fan? Did you have family influence, or was it based on where you lived?

Duwayne Goulet: I guess under the rules, I’m considered a new “era” Carolina fan. I moved to Seymour Johnson Air Force Base, Goldsboro in 1995. Shortly after arriving, I was informed it was time to pick a Triangle team to support. To not do so was sacrilegious. Growing up in the Northwest, I knew of Coach Dean Smith and his incredible accomplishments, but it wasn’t ingrained since birth. I admired Coach Roy Williams and had read his book, so it was an easy decision to become a Tar Heel!

THB: When did you begin accumulating items for your Fan Cave?

DG: Since 1995, and I became heavily involved in collecting once I started the Carolina Cave.

THB: What is your favorite piece and how did you acquire it? Are there any stories or memories associated with it?

DG: I made the bar from scratch. So, I guess that’s my favorite piece. I found an ad for Dean Dome flooring from the 2012 renovation, verified the accuracy, and purchased 45 square feet of it.

Dean Dome floor piece from 2012 renovation
Bar made from Dean Dome floor, Zion shoe game on TV

DG: My other favorite is the Twitter wall. Throughout the NCAA case I was very active on Twitter in defense of UNC. Subsequently, I’ve met fellow Tar Heels from all over. Every time I meet someone from Twitter, I get a picture and ask them if it’s alright to add to the collection. There are so many more people I can’t wait to meet and add to the collection.

Twitter wall to the right of the door

THB: Do you have any rituals before or during games in your Fan Cave? Do you need to touch good luck charms or wear certain jerseys to help the Heels?

DG: Yes. Meals must be grilled and eaten in the Cave. If a guest is present, they must either root for the Heels or stay quiet. If the Heels win, the same shirt is worn until they lose. I always turn on the stop light before the game and touch the Coach Smith and Coach Williams poster. If it’s Football, I hold and toss around the mini Tar Heel football throughout the game.

THB: Alright, finally... the info we’ve all been waiting for. How many people are allowed in the hot tub?

The Carolina hot tub

DG: It’s a two-seater, so only my wife and me. The hot tub isn’t used for every game, but night games are very enjoyable in the tub, unless I’m jumping around, then I’m kicked out.

Only room for two in this hot tub

THB: Do your rituals change for the Duke games or Final Four? Do higher stakes require more or different rituals?

DG: No dook fans allowed during the dook games except one close friend who knows his place.


Check out this thread from Duwayne’s Twitter feed for more pictures and video of his amazing Fan Cave:

If you think your Fan Cave measures up to this masterpiece, hit me up at @LABMcKay. I’m happy to share what you’ve put together to show your love of Carolina sports.