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UNC vs. Florida State - Player of the Game: Javonte Williams

Despite a heartbreaking drop, Williams was head and shoulders above anyone else in the Heels’ loss to FSU.

North Carolina v Boston College Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

After a terrible first half, North Carolina came storming back in the second half and nearly pulled off a comeback for the ages. They scored 21 unanswered points in the second half. They just needed at least 24 to keep the game alive. That did not happen, and they fell 31-28 to Florida State.

The final failed drive that sealed the game for FSU also threw a wrench into our player of the game plans. Before it, the answer was Javonte Williams without a shadow of a doubt. The running back led the Tar Heels with 119 rushing yard and one touchdown, while also picking up a receiving touchdown while making three catches for 67 yards. He just really needed a fourth catch. He dropped one on fourth down, allowing Florida State to kneel it out and wrap up the win.

Despite that, it’s still hard to look past him. Williams was basically the only Heel to play well for a full 60 minutes, even with the final drop. He also made many big plays, including a circus catch, to keep them alive in the first place. For that, he gets our player of the game against Florida State.

The other main nominee is Beau Corrales, who finished with four catches for 141 yards and one touchdown. He also had some massive catches to get the Tar Heels even close to striking distance.

Sam Howell put up some overall impressive numbers with 374 yards and one touchdown. However, he also made some less than great decisions, took some bad sacks, and threw one interception, which was returned for six the other way.

As for anyone from the defensive side of things: Trey Morrison had a really nice interception at a big moment. Other than him: no.

Other than a period in the second half, this was an incredibly brutal game and brutal loss for UNC. That brutality came for everyone, even the guy who was very clearly Carolina’s best player all game.