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ACC Football Week 7: Staff Predictions

A rough week led to the end of a bit, and we move on to a new slate.

NCAA Football: Notre Dame Views Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

Last week...ooh last week had no alibi. It was, in fact, U-G-L-Y. Don’t believe me, just look at this ledger dripping with red, as Loki would say.

No one could get through the week without taking a good hit. Joe, Matthew, and Michael at least managed to go 6-2, and Matthew could have done even better had he not missed the UVa-Wake matchup. He was the only one...still trying...who caught that Liberty would travel into Western New York and beat Syracuse. I mean, sure Jake gets credit for getting that one right, too, but he’s still in last place and so you know he just did it because he had to take chances.

Meanwhile Chad got some karmic justice for trying too hard to reverse jinx UNC and suffered a 6-3 week, still one of the best, but it’s good to see he at least wasn’t rewarded for helping Florida State get out to that 24-0 lead.

The upshot of all this is that we have a four way tie for first with Akil, Evan, Joe, and Matthew. They have a nice two game cushion on the next group of pickers of Jacob, Michael, and Tanya. Everyone is still well above .500 at least, so at least we all somewhat know what we are doing.

As for this week...

I’m ready to buy the idea that Pittsburgh is going to pull a Pitt and swing an upset after falling on their face, especially since Notre Dame has yet to look impressive. Thus, congrats to Notre Dame on their blowout this weekend. Chad acknowledges the bit is done and won’t bother to type the name of that team in Raleigh, meanwhile only Evan and Jacob believe Wake can take care of the Hokies, who appear to be getting stronger with each passing week.

Let’s get ready to settle in for the ACC’s only top 25 matchup this weekend, and hope that your favorite writers call at least start the weekend 1-0.