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ACC Football Week 8: Staff Predictions

There’s starting to be a little separation between the staffers.

North Carolina State v North Carolina Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images

We’ve gotten to the point in the predictions season where folks are having to take some chances here and there in order to get back into contention. How do I know this? Because I was one of those folks to take a chance.

Notre Dame had not looked great in any game so far this season, and with Pittsburgh you never know if you’ll get a great game or if they’ll lay an egg. Between the game being in Pittsburgh, the national exposure, as well the idea that at some point the Irish were due to stumble, I thought it was a safe chance to take.

Yeah, I was the only one to step on that ledge and just like Wile E. Coyote realizing he was out of land, I fell flat to a puff of smoke at the bottom of the canyon (How about that for a modern reference?). One 45-3 drubbing later, and I’m mired in the morass with the rest of the staff.

Who isn’t stuck in the middle? Evan has come out to take a clear lead with a resounding 36-11 record, with Akil at 35-12 nipping at his heels. As far as the other end, well, the good news for Jake is that he’s managed to climb out of the hole enough to drag others down with him and create a three way tie for the bottom. Here’s how we all did last week:

I mean I even called Florida State with the inevitable “fall on your face” performance against the Cardinals. Oh well, a new week dawns.

Not really an inspiring slate of games this week, but you’ll see some writers are still going to take some chances.

Akil has perhaps the biggest gamble on the slate along with Max, showing they do not believe in Duke at all and expect Charlotte to pull the upset in Durham. Evan, meanwhile, meant to put UNC instead of his name twice so just assume that says “UNC,” but is going to take a chance that Syracuse is able to perform with some newly found confidence. Virginia Tech and Louisville provided the biggest head scratcher.

We’ll see if there’s any movement by the time the clock hits 0:00 Saturday night in Charlottesville. Hopefully it’ll be one where Mack Brown will be celebrating finally winning a game there.