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ACC Football Week 5: Staff Predictions

A mostly by-the-books week leaves us still bunched up.

North Carolina v Boston College Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

In these troubled times, anything that goes as expected can be a huge source of comfort. Take Pittsburgh, for example. The Panthers had stormed out of the gate to start 2020, and say them achieve a consistent ranking while their opponent on Saturday, NC State, was floored by a team that barely was able to put a team together. Yet, like so many other seasons, when expected to do well, Pittsburgh decided to trip over their own feet.

It’s a sign of just how fooled we all were and just took for granted that 2020 being...2020...Pittsburgh wasn’t going to have this stereotypical performance. And yet, as Carolina and Boston College kicked off on Saturday, the Panthers were giving up the game winning score to the Wolfpack. As a result, no one on staff was able to have a perfect week since we all missed on the one upset on the slate. Others tried to pick an upset, including Duke not going 0-4 and the continued downfall of Florida State, but in the end none of us saw Pittsburgh being the one to gag.

Here’s the report for the weekend:

These results meant a normally good week at 4-2 actually dropped you back to the pack a little, but our leaders haven’t changed. Joe and Evan continue to set the pace, with Akil and Max right behind. Thanks to his 4-2 performance, Chad drops back into the next pack and is further mixed into the jumble.

As Akil detailed yesterday, this weekend’s slate sees a lot of matchups with teams close to each other in the standings, and it should provide for some fun games. Let’s see what our crew predicts will happen:

Everyone point to Chad and boo that man. When asked for comment he said UNC is very much in a “show me” state to him, so if he’s right, we all lose. Again, boo him.

Duke at Syracuse and Pitt at BC brought the biggest amount of disagreement amongst the group, and only Max believes Miami has progressed to the point to where they can go to Clemson and upset the Tigers.

We’ll see if there’s any change in our leaderboard next week, so settle in for a fun week of football.