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Carolina Fan Caves: Autographs and Artifacts

Tar Heel history comes alive in this Carolina Fan Cave.

I’m inspired by some of the Carolina Fan Caves I’ve seen on the internet over the past few weeks. From the standard basements, spare rooms, garages with hot tubs installed, and everything in between, UNC fans continue to show they are a class above all others.

The next Fan Cave that I want to share is actually two rooms in a beautiful house. Tar Heel Al Seymour has a more conventional dual-Fan Cave. One room has his bar, couch, and TV. The other room has a vast collection of autographed balls and jerseys, and the crown jewels; seats from the Dean Dome. Let’s see how Al put this museum-quality Fan Cave together!

Tar Heel Blog: When did you become a Carolina fan? Did you have family or geographic influence?

Al Seymour: I’ve been a Carolina fan since I was a kid. It started when a friend of the family took me to football games in the 70s.

THB: Did you paint the walls and install the carpet yourself?

AS: I painted the room and hallway in my previous home, but had the rooms in my present home painted by someone else. The paint, by the way, used to be sold by Home Depot. They later stopped selling, but luckily we still had a small amount and they color matched. Home Depot was very happy because they had requests for the paint, but no formula. And I did install the carpet tiles myself.

THB: Your autographed balls, did you purchase them, or get them signed at games/events/appearances?

AS: I bought a collection from someone who had several signed balls. I also buy a ball each year when they are offered to fund charity. I bought the the 1982 ball at auction.

THB: Now, the seats... how did you acquire them, and how did you install them into your floor? Can you sit in them?

AS: I bought the seats off eBay. I cleaned the seats and sprayed the frames with clear acrylic to prevent rust and keep the original patina. The seats are not mounted to the floor. I had L brackets made so the seats stand by themselves. They easily stand on their own. In the past people have clamored to sit in them during a game.

THB: What is your favorite piece?

AS: I have four favorite pieces. 1. Signed Jordan jersey 2. Signed 1982 basketball 3. Signed Lawrence Taylor jersey 4. Signed Julius Peppers jersey.

THB: Are there any rules for guests to the Fan Cave? Are Duke or NCSU fans allowed in there if they promise to behave?

AS: If you are watching a game you must be a Tar Heel fan. Otherwise behave and enjoy!

If you have an amazing Carolina Fan Cave like Al, hit me up at @LABMcKay so I can share your story!