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ACC Football Week 10: Staff Predictions

There’s a change at the bottom of our standings after a complicated week.

NCAA Football: North Carolina at Duke Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports

It’s fun when you have a week where there is very little consensus. When that happens you get some wild records, changes in the standings, and finally get some movement where things have been static.

With most teams having about four games left, it’s worth taking a peek at where we are in our standings to see who still has the chance to catch up. It’s also a chance to allow someone to crow about no longer being in last place.

First, for perspective, let’s look at what everyone said about the games this past week.

It was gratifying to see Carolina, Miami, and BC pull off the wins when everyone thought they would. The only question left was whether anyone could get through the week with a clean slate. Unfortunately the four folks who managed to pick Liberty correctly (Akil, Chad, Jake, and Max) all had another game they got wrong, and in the case of Jake he actually messed up on two. The rest could only celebrate a 5-1 week instead of 6-0. Yours truly also got to enjoy a 5-1 slate, as did Evan, Michael, and Tanya.

Douglas, meanwhile, stumbled with a 3-3 week, and that move was enough to let him claim last place all by himself and save Jake from that pain.

Thus, your standings as we hit the home stretch:

1) Evan 45-14, 2) Akil 44-15, 3) Joe & Matt 43-16, 5) Tanya 42-17, 6) Michael & Jacob 41-18, 8) Chad 40-19, 9) Al 39-20, 10) Brandon & Max 38-21, 12) Jake 37-22, 13) Douglas 36-23.

So, even with 59 games predicted, there are only nine games that separate first from last place. We’ll see if anyone can catch our leaders, but all the really have to do is take the favorites and just coast to the end. The rest are fighting for the top five, and one good or bad week can change that up. Will this week shake it up? Here’s what the group went with:

Go Heels!