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ACC Football Week 12: Staff Predictions

Maybe we need to start adding “Which game will be cancelled” to the list

NCAA Football: Duke at Syracuse Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

Last week, right before publication I was able to get into the predictions and delete the Duke/Wake Forest game because of the Covid cancellation. It turns out that was just the beginning of the weekend’s problems, as the ACC would see two more cancellations. One of those was a pretty high profile change, as the fallout from Clemson/Florida State still continues to this day with a couple of coaches’ bickering.

Did FSU look for an easy way to avoid a curb stomping? Did Clemson over the line of Covid protocol to where the game could have been a super spreader event? Just how little is Dabo bothered when he keeps talking about how little he’s bothered about the game days after the game was cancelled? Is this just a way to keep his team hungry since another loss will kick them out of the College Football Playoffs?

One thing is for sure: the ACC is done playing Liberty in football this season, so you won’t have to worry about any more snide comments about them. Let’s see how we did last week.

As you can see, no one managed a clean week, so our standings aren’t going to change that much. With only three regular season weeks plus title weekend left, time is running out for people to make a move, both at the top and the bottom. Jake, specifically, is on a mission that he calls “Operation Not Last Place.” Your author, meanwhile, is on “Operation Let’s Finish Ahead of the Middle.”

As for this week, the staff decided they wanted to weigh in on the Clemson saga with their picks. We also see the first week where the staff decided to break from tradition and (almost) unanimously pick UNC to win. There’s real disagreement on Friday’s game, and it could be a deciding factor in how this race for the top will sort itself out.

There are only two games with unanimous winners, and everything else is all over the map. There’s a real chance for a shakeup by the time the games are possibly played on Sunday, so let’s see if loyalty to the Heels is rewarded, or if the desire to be right gives folks a dirty win.

Enjoy your Turkey Day, everyone. Stay Safe!