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ACC Football Week 9: Staff Predictions

It’s still tooth and nail at the top, but it’s getting tougher for others to catch up

NCAA Football: North Carolina at Virginia Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

So, it’s pretty easy to say that no one had a clean slate last weekend. When we all thought that UNC would go up to Charlottesville and take down the Wahoos, well, there’s your answer. The question becomes how we did in every other game. Let’s take a look:

What’s sad is that without the UNC result, we would have had several 6-0 weeks. Instead, Joe, Matt, Michael, and Tanya took the tie for the title with a 5-1 week, and Evan’s hold on first place is razor thin. Akil, Joe, and Matt all are one solitary game behind Evan, meaning a bad week for any one of them could see a massive change up top. Meanwhile, three folks tried to catch the magic upset with Charlotte over the Blue Devils, but unfortunately for Tar Heel fans looking for good news, Duke isn’t that bad.

Looking ahead to this week, no one should be surprised as to where the panel thinks Duke/UNC will go, and honestly if someone had chosen the other side our editor in chief may have fired them on the spot. Trevor Lawrence being out against Notre Dame plus an unexpected ranking in the top 25 for Liberty brought a lot of variance this week. No matter the results, we should see some shuffling around. Let’s peek at who thinks what will happen:

What has to be a season high four games - Liberty/Vt, Pitt/FSU, Clemson/Notre Dame, and Louisville/UVA-has our panel completely split apart. We could see some losing weeks for the first time, and just pause for a second and contemplate how insane it is that people are seriously picking Liberty to win.

So, after a stressful week, let’s sit back, enjoy some football, and hope for the Heels to keep the Victory Bell in Chapel Hill!