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Carolina Christmas Presents

What presents will our favorite Tar Heels ask Santa for this year?

Christmas During The COVID-19 Pandemic In Canada Photo by Creative Touch Imaging Ltd./NurPhoto via Getty Images

I can’t believe that we’re right around the corner from Christmas! Many of us are probably not in a festive mood, as 2020 has us feeling like poor Kevin MacArthur:

Still. Persist we must and celebrate we shall!

It seems like yesterday that Tar Heel Blog was celebrating Thanksgiving and the barrage of football and basketball games that followed. As we prepare to put a bow on the football regular season and await the beginning of conference play in basketball, let’s see what our favorite Tar Heels will ask Santa for this year.

Mack Brown: No more running quarterbacks

Unfortunately for our football head coach, our game against Miami and star quarterback D’Eriq King is on December 12, and not Saturday December 26.

Carolina has struggled to contain offenses that have dual threat quarterbacks. So far this season, the Tar Heels have been punished by Virginia Tech, Florida State, Virginia, Wake Forest, and Notre Dame. Remember, raw rushing yards are not the only poison running quarterbacks offer. Escaping pass rush and turning sacks into positive plays is just as deadly as running ten yards for first downs. I’m still haunted by images of Ian Book frisbee throwing the football for a first down despite Chazz Surratt taking a perfect pursuit angle and having him dead to rights for a sack:

D’Eriq King has similar escapability and the ability to run for long gains. Hopefully, if Carolina beats Miami and makes it to the Orange Bowl, we can play a team that has a lead-footed quarterback who we can keep bottled up in the pocket.

Garrison Brooks: Bionic eyes

Garrison Brooks has been a monster for Carolina during last season’s closing run, and to a lesser extent this season against Texas and Iowa. He has shown what he is capable of when wearing the sports glasses he now dons to protect his eyes, despite having a clear distaste for them:

Imagine how comfortable he’d be without them. He wouldn’t have to mess around and adjust them whenever he’s at the foul line. Also, he could ask Santa to make other players stop poking him in the eyes. Whichever is easier will do.

Sam Howell: Scrapbook of Javonte Williams and Michael Carter

Sam Howell is one of the best quarterbacks in college football and I’m genuinely curious to see what the offense will look like next year if it tilts more towards the pass with the Gruesome Twosome off to the NFL. Howell has enough chemistry with the young receivers to survive the departure of Dazz Newsome and Dyami Brown as well, and I’m intrigued by what a genuine playmaking tight end like Bryson Nesbit can bring to the offense.

But there will surely be games that make Sam Howell long for his historically great running backs. Hopefully not at the cost of winnable games.

Roy Williams: Normalization of no suits during games

Alexander Julian has ensured that Roy Williams always looks slick on the sideline in some of the most dapper suits and sports coats in the business. Only Roy’s insistence on wearing paisley ties keeps his haberdashery game from reaching A+ levels.

But I must say, the decision by college basketball coaches to stop dressing like CEOs and start dressing comfortably has allowed ‘Ol Roy to really show out. Look at how slick coach looks!

NCAA Basketball: North Carolina at Iowa Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports

Depending on arena temperature, he can wear light sweaters, fleece coats, vests... the possibilities are only limited by his imagination.

I’ve always felt like Bobby Huggins was ahead of his times. Why would a coach want to wear an expensive suit that requires dry cleaning, when he has an endless supply of Nike, Adidas, or Under Armour gear that can be thrown in the laundry for free by a team manager? Gary Williams could have saved approximately $2,000,000 in dry cleaning costs over the course of his career at Maryland if he just wore a Nike polo and khakis.

Roy Williams would do well to advocate this new era of coach-wear. He has some great looks from Jordan brand to throw on, and Carolina blue works with khaki, navy, and gray slacks. He could even wear Carolina blue pants, depending on the top.


What are some Christmas presents you think the Tar Heels could use this year? Let us know in the comments below!