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ACC Football Week 13: Staff Predictions

It’s tight at the top. At the bottom, not so much...

NCAA Football: Notre Dame at North Carolina Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

It seems like a miracle, and to some extent it is, but we’ve made it to December in the Year of our Lord 2020, and there is still going to be college football played. COVID definitely has tried its best disrupt the schedule, and we’ll see the results of that this weekend when Miami-we hope-plays their first game in nearly a month against the Duke Blue Devils. Still, with the multiple games that Florida State will miss, along with the possible second Notre Dame/Clemson match that then was ruled out because...the ACC realized how stupid that would be when you want to get two teams into the playoffs...keeping on top of all of this has been challenging.

As far as last week went, there are two classes of staffers: those loyal to Carolina, and those who are near the top of the leaderboard. The ones who picked Notre Dame to win last Friday went with their head, and likely showed why they are kicking everyone else’s tail, but here’s hoping they don’t feel good while doing it.

Here’s a reminder of where we all went last week, with yet another postponement lopped off the sheet:

You may notice a couple of clean sheets up there. Our industrious leaders Brandon and Tanya pulled off a perfect weekend. Yup, all they had to do was pick both Notre Dame and NC State to do it. Congratulations! Traitors.

You may notice something else. Last week, Jake launched “Operation Not Last Place.” After a 1-4 week, let’s see how the Operation is going:

Those of you reading on Apple News need to just go to the website to see this, it’ll make more sense.

On to the current week. It was down to the wire for some of our staffers, but everyone was able to get their picks in. You see, I update this board after the weekend and then consistently ping our Slack asking for the writers to make their picks. When this is your part time gig, coming out of the holidays, know...COVID, making ACC Football picks isn't going to top your list of priorities. Add three straight basketball games in there, and it took a little extra wrangling this week. In fact, this column was rewritten simply because one staffer (I won’t shame them) slid their picks in right as this was going

So let’s see what we all think about this weekend:

You may also have seen that odd note from Michael. As you can see, I screen shot our Google Sheet of predictions, and Michael wanted to be funny and put a gif of The Rock in. Sadly, the picture was going to be so small you all weren’t going to see it, and since it’s a screen shot you weren’t going to see a gif anyway. Thus, this is what he wanted to post:

or Maybe it was this one...

Either way, you get the point.

Everyone enjoy the weekend of football! Let’s see if they can actually get all the games in.