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UNC vs. Georgia Tech - Player of the Game: Armando Bacot

Sure, I guess.

NCAA Basketball: North Carolina at Georgia Tech Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

What is quickly turning into another dumb season continued Wednesday night when North Carolina fell to Georgia Tech 72-67. As you could probably expect, there’s not a ton of positives to take away from the performance.

As far as player of the game goes, there’s probably only three people you could really give it to.

There’s leading scorer Armando Bacot. He finished with 14 points on 5-8 shooting and five rebounds. He also played pretty solid defense against Moses Wright, one of a couple defenders to help hold him to eight points on 3-10 shooting. (He came in averaging nearly 20 a game.) He also committed a couple turnovers in another game that was full of them for Carolina.

Leaky Black did a decent job filling up the stat sheet, putting up 10 points, three rebounds, two assists, a block and a steal. He is also still had his semi-regular baffling moments.

Kerwin Walton knocked down three threes, all as part of a run that looked like was going to carry UNC to victory. They didn’t in part because at least once, he got lost on the defensive end, allowing Georgia Tech to hit a three of their own.

There’s all things you could hold against all of them. If I had this as an option, this player of the game post would be one word long and that word would be: “No.” However, it’s not really an option, so, uh, I guess I’ll give it to Bacot.

However, just know the actual player of the game is: “No.”