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UNC vs. Notre Dame: “Player of the Game”

This was supposed to be a player of the game post. It is not that.

NCAA Basketball: North Carolina at Notre Dame Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

For the third time in four games, the Tar Heels lost on a buzzer beater/last second shot. When you factor in that the Duke game had two of them, that makes it four in the last four games. Even as bad a team as UNC is this year, that’s still an insane and mathematically improbable fact. It’s not fun to deal with as a fan. At all.

It’s also not fun to have to write a player of the game post in the aftermath of these heart-breaking losses, especially when it would essentially be the same story for the third time in the last 10 days. Therefore, I’m not doing that. That’s not because there weren’t Tar Heels that had decent games (Cole Anthony, Garrison Brooks, Brandon Robinson was okay in his first game back), but because you don’t need to know what they did while still having performances just flawed enough so that team still lost.

Instead, here is a breakdown of why Roy Williams should give my dog some playing time in the remainder of the season. This team needs a miracle ACC Tournament run to make the NCAA Tournament, so it’s not as if it would cost much needed wins. Plus as the documentary “Air Bud” taught us, there’s no rule saying a dog can’t play basketball.

My dog, Boo, loves basketball.

He is a real gym rat, who eats, sleeps, and breathes the sport.

He is tenacious and will really hustle out on the court.

He’s a student in the film room.

He’s a team player.

And most of all, honestly, what’s there to lose at this point?