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Get your He Never Freakin’ Turned it Off shirt from BreakingT

In case you need to remind those pesky in-state rivals who the GOAT was, this shirt should do the trick.

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As I’m sure many of you know, ESPN’s 10-episode documentary The Last Dance made its debut this past Sunday. The documentary takes an in-depth look at the 1997-98 Chicago Bulls, but more importantly to Tar Heels fans Michael Jordan is covered extensively, and we finally get to hear more about his amazing career in his own words. The first two episodes have already had a couple of bombshells, and it’s exciting to think that there’s plenty more where that came from.

However, as expected the fun didn’t stop there. UNC Hall of Fame coach Roy Williams made an appearance in the documentary to discuss Jordan and his time at Carolina. He relived conversations that he had with MJ, and when discussing his competitiveness Williams made it known just how special the kid (at the time) was:

“Michael Jordan is the only player that could ever turn it on and off, and he never freakin’ turned it off.”

The last part of that sentence is something that resonates heavily with anybody that’s ever grown up watching Jordan play, and I think it’s the most accurate statement ever made about him. What makes him the greatest player of all time is the simple fact that the man taped down his off switch and told the world that it never existed to begin with. He was a killer every single day of his historic career, and even when held back by injuries he was taking on players in scrimmage games at UNC behind that Bulls’ back. That level of dedication, drive, and just pure hunger is something we may never see again as much as we continue looking for it. Sorry LeBron.

Roy Williams’ words in the documentary were too good to not be shared with everyone we pass in our daily lives (and by that I mean those Duke and NC State fans that likely still have nightmares about the guy), so our good friends at BreakingT decided to hook us up with a t-shirt. Check it out:

BreakingT on many occasions have given us some great shirts in the past, and this one is a cool addition to the collection. These shirts are some of the softest, most comfortable shirts that I’ve ever worn, and the quality of the print is some of the best that I’ve owned as well. In fact, I think they’ve held up a lot better than many of my many other Carolina t-shirts. BreakingT did a great job with this one, and now is a great time to pick up some new gear for the summer.

If you’re interested in picking up one of these cool shirts, you can place your order by clicking here. As always, stay safe, stay healthy, and Go Heels!