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PODCAST: Four Corners, Ep. 1, social distancing with Brandon Anderson

Four Corners was the original sports-related social distancing.

MLS: Colorado Rapids at Vancouver Whitecaps FC Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to Four Corners! This podcast doesn’t really fit a specific genre, so we created a new one.

Host Chad Floyd (@Chad_Floyd) and esteemed guest Brandon Anderson (@THBBrandon) sort through the complete, silent, confusing chaos and talk about some random life adaptations before rounding into sports:

  • Coffee and alcohol consumption;
  • New hobbies, things that are missed, were taken for granted, etc.;
  • The cruelty of an airborne virus hitting during pollen season in the South;
  • The weirdness of covering the ACC Tournament as the world came to a stop on March 11th;
  • A fact not previously discussed: what Carolina basketball did that Duke, Kentucky, Kansas, Virginia, and most every other national contender didn’t do in 2020;
  • How are we going to get football started on time? CAN we get football started on time? SHOULD we get football started on time?
  • Best memes to come out of the COVID era.

These are weird times, and with no actual sports to really talk about, we’re open to suggestions! Here’s hoping y’all enjoy some rambling and are staying indoors and healthy.

Til next time, Go Heels!