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Would Michael Jordan have cried at these UNC moments?

We’ve seen him do it at lot over the years.

NCAA Basketball: North Carolina at Davidson Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

We further learned in “The Last Dance” that Michael Jordan has no issues showing his emotion and crying. The clip, which was in regards to his competitiveness and how hard he pushed teammates, added to his Hall of Fame induction, the Kobe Bryant memorial, and post-championship scenes as instances of him crying in public. Hell, the Hall of Fame one became arguably the most famous meme of all time.

I don’t say any of that to mock him. It can be perfectly healthy to cry when you get emotional. I did at one of the moments that will be mentioned in this article. That being said, the number of times we’ve now seen him do it publicly, and the fact that this week is about talking about moments that made us cry got me thinking: would Michael Jordan cry at these notable North Carolina Tar Heels moments?

2017 Championship win over Gonzaga

The 2016-17 UNC basketball team worked extremely hard to get back to the title game after getting their hearts broken the year before. Considering that and how hard to fight through several games to even reach that point says that Jordan totally would’ve shed a tear at seeing them win. We know how he feels about players that put everything and then some into it and that team certainly did that.

2016 Championship loss to Villanova

On the other hand, I’m not sure he would have at the loss the year before. That team did a masterful job at battling back into the game and lost because the other team just made a shot. It happens. Plus, he was famously at that game, and if he had cried during the heights of the aforementioned Crying Jordan meme, we would know about it.

Charlotte Smith’s buzzer beater

On the other side of that, Jordan’s had plenty of buzzer beaters go in his favor. Sure, he’s cried after wins, but his primary reaction after hitting was generally more defiant celebration. I presume that would still be the case here, even if the shot did win a national championship.

ACC Football Championship Game vs. Clemson/Onside Kick Offside Call

It was a brutal call and the loss definitely stung, but not sure if Jordan would be the right person to turn to for sympathy. Sure, he wouldn’t be pleased with the call, but UNC was still losing, had a lot to do, and I would think Jordan’s the “you make your own luck” type.

Dean Smith retires

I’m going yes with this one for this game, because it very possibly a yes in real life too. He very clearly cared about his college coach, who he called a “second father” after Smith’s passing. However even if he never played for him, Jordan seems like the type who would tear up at a monumental moment like that.

Tell us some of your most emotional moments and whether, not you, but Michael Jordan would’ve cried at them based on what we know of him.