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Tar Heel Show and Tell: Autographed Items

What's your favorite autographed UNC piece?

NCAA Men’s Final Four - Practice Photo by Jamie Schwaberow/NCAA Photos via Getty Images

A lot of folks are working from home right now. There are plenty of makeshift offices in kitchens, living rooms, and guest rooms throughout the country. Those dedicated home offices are getting plenty of use as well.

In your home, there may have been some cleaning and reorganization to accommodate these changes. Items were unboxed and dusted off. There are pictures on the wall, and knick-knacks found a new spot on a shelf.

For fans of the North Carolina Tar Heels, your home office probably shows a bit of your school pride or fandom.

In the past, Tar Heel Blog showed off UNC Christmas ornaments. This week, let’s show off your favorite Carolina autographed items.

Collegiate autographs seem to be a little more complicated than professional sports.

On the one hand, student-athletes can be more accessible than most of the pros. You probably had your own experience while at school (although that might be awkward as a peer), at a Spring Game, NCAA Tournament practice, or breakfast at Sutton’s.

On the other hand, a little organization called the NCAA makes autographs a little more complicated. Just take a look at the autograph policy for UNC. You do not have these types of restrictions during batting practice at an MLB game or with a pit pass before a NASCAR race.

At any rate, your autographed items tell a story, either about how you received it, the player or coach on it, or even what was signed.

Below are a few UNC autographed items. Drop a picture of your items in the comments below and share your story.

These are my favorites. One is a replica print of The (Durham) Herald-Sun from the day after Dean Smith broke the NCAA Division I record for wins by a men’s basketball coach. The other is a ball cap. Both are signed by Dean Smith and Roy Williams.

My father and I attended the Crosby National Celebrity Golf Tournament at Bermuda Run Country Club near Winston-Salem, NC several times. UNC and ACC icons were fixtures at this tournament that ran each summer from 1986 to 2001.

One year, likely 1998 or 1999, both Smith and Williams were in the tournament when we attended.

My father had the print and I had the hat. Each were signed and remain great mementos from a special moment with two legends.

THB writer Joe Carpenter shared this autographed basketball.

From Joe:

Gift from my brother in law who is a huge Carolina fan and always seems to find the best stuff. This resides in my office. Danny Green, Reyshawn Terry, and Marcus Ginyard.

This is a 1999-2000 team signed ball from loyal THB reader Steve.

From Steve:

This is my favorite. A signed ball from the 1999-2000 UNC men’s basketball team led by Head Coach Bill Guthridge, Assistant Coaches Phil Ford, Dave Hanners and Pat Sullivan. Players worth mentioning on the ball are Joe Forte, Ed Cota, Brendan Haywood, Julius Peppers, Ronald Curry, Jason Capel and Kris Lang. Team reached the Final Four in spite of finishing fourth in the ACC regular season. They also wore those uniforms with the interlocking NC.

Let’s see some of your autographed items below in the comments!