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UNC Recruiting: 2021 commit Dontrez Styles injured during high school game

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The Class of 2021 forward took a nasty fall during an alley-opp attempt.

NCAA Basketball: North Carolina at Miami-Florida Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

On Friday night, Dontrez Styles, UNC’s first commitment in the class of 2021, was injured during Kinston’s home game against South Lenoir.

Styles went up for an alley-oop, and appeared to get undercut by the much smaller South Lenoir defender. It did not appear to be a dirty play, Styles simply sprung so high that his feet were shoulder level with his defenders. This play also occurred in the middle of the first quarter, too early for the game to get chippy.

Bryan Hanks (@BCHanks), the public announcer for Kinston High School, was live tweeting during the game and provides some breath-holding details:

Dontrez Styles seems to be doing better, according to a tweet he put out after he made it to a local hospital. While on the floor, he was fitted with a neck brace, but was able to walk out under his own power:

Dontrez Styles is a 6’7” 205-pound forward and has already officially signed for Roy Williams, and he plans to enroll at UNC in June 2021. A hybrid forward, he could represent Carolina’s shift towards modern 3-point defending, as he’s the first recruit that can comfortably play in the post while also defending players on the wing.

As evidenced in the video where he was injured, he has no trouble getting off the ground to attack the rim. His shooting still needs to be refined. In this aspect, he is a classic Carolina recruit.

Kinston High School is home to several famous Carolina alumni, including Jerry Stackhouse, Reggie Bullock, football player Quinton Coples, as well as former UNC-target Brandon Ingram, and “My Name Is Earl” and “Poison Ivy: The New Seduction” star Jaime Pressly.

Kinston did just fine without Styles for the rest of the game, punishing South Lenoir 70-38. This margin was good and just, not because of the injury suffered by Dontrez Styles, but because South Lenoir has the audacity to wear pirated Carolina uniforms complete with argyle trim with the nickname “Blue Devils.” Both Tar Heel and Duke fans can agree this is an abomination.