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UNC vs. Florida State: Game Thread

Will the Heels be able to keep their win streak alive against a team that just obliterated NC State?

NCAA Basketball: Syracuse at North Carolina Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

After yet another high blood pressure inducing victory, the North Carolina Tar Heels are in Tallahassee to take on the Florida State Seminoles. The Heels are currently on a three-game win streak in the ACC following their win against Syracuse, while the Seminoles look to start a win streak after taking down the NC State Wolfpack. Oh, by the way, it wasn’t just a normal beating of an ACC team: the Seminoles shot a soul-crushing 70.7% from the field against the Pack. They also drained 66.7% of their three-point attempts. Needless to say, both of those things can’t happen if UNC wants any chance of keeping their win streak alive.

There’s going to be plenty of things to keep an eye on during this game. Garrison Brooks is going to have to look more like the version that played against Syracuse to give the Heels a chance, the guards will need to limit turnovers, and it’s very likely that we will need to get a good amount of production from the bench like we have been in recent games. So basically, everything that we’ve been harping on all season long needs to play out positively. Riveting analysis, I know.

Anyways, we’ll be back after the game with some post-game analysis. Until then, Go Heels!